screenshot of IMS Program Restart Facility data sheet

Automated checkpoint, backout and restart of IMS Batch jobs

IBM® IMS™ Program Restart Facility for z/OS® automates Checkpoint, Backout and Restart processing of IMS Batch Messaging Programs (BMPs) and IMS Batch DLI/DBB programs. It manages the Checkpoint ID selection process by identifying the correct log data set to use and programmatically creating the restart job. It monitors the number of checkpoints created by the batch application to determine if there are too few or too many created during a specified period of time. By automatically and correctly restarting abended IMS Batch jobs, you can avoid manual errors and improve IMS availability.


Reduce errors

Programmatically identifying the latest Checkpoint ID for batch program restarts helps you avoid manual, error-prone processes and keep IMS systems running smoothly.

Help prevent data corruption

Restarting a job at the correct checkpoint helps you minimize data corruption that can result from restarts performed without specifying a Checkpoint ID.

Improve availability

Avoiding corruption means avoiding delays and longer periods of database unavailability. With IMS Program Restart Facility for z/OS, you can increase the efficiency and reliability of your system.

IMS Program Restart Facility for z/OS features

  • Restart automation of BMP programs
  • Backout and Restart options
  • Checkpoint creation in batch programs
  • Backout on demand
  • Automatic batch programs Restart
  • Database availability after failure

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