IMS Fast Path Solution Pack for z/OS
Analyze, maintain, and tune IMS Fast Path databases with an extensive, easy-to-use utility set that includes features to help you boost system availability
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What IMS Fast Path Solution Pack can do for your business

IBM® IMS Fast Path Solution Pack for z/OS® provides extensive and easy-to-use utilities to help database administrators (DBAs) analyze, maintain, and tune IMS Fast Path databases, including features that help boost system availability. Several IMS tools — including IMS High Performance Image Copy, IMS Library Integrity Utilities, IMS HP Fast Path Utilities and IMS DB Repair Facility — are integrated into a single consolidated solution for managing IMS Fast Path databases. The Autonomics Director helps maintain the health, performance and recoverability of databases. Integration with IBM Management Console for IMS and Db2® for z/OS provide a web interface for database administrator tasks.

Improve IMS system availability

Perform DEDB structural changes while the database is online, improving system availability and reducing downtime.

Utilize high performance utilities

Leverage a complete set of high-performance utilities to load, unload, reorganize, index build, back up, verify and report on Fast Path databases.

Automate monitoring and maintenance

Automate monitoring and maintenance tasks with the Autonomics Director, helping DBAs to identify potential problems and maintain the health, performance and recoverability of IMS Fast Path databases.

Perform time-consuming tasks efficiently

Use “Diagnosis for DEDB areas health” and its diagnosis reports to help make time-consuming database reorganization tasks more efficient.

Manage IMS libraries effectively

Leverage a comprehensive set of utilities that help you manage IMS libraries, ensure database integrity and correct pointer problems.

IMS DEDB Online Structure Change

Change DBD descriptions, randomizing module, and segment edit/compression routines without taking DEDB areas offline. A single /DBR command outage is necessary to switch the area data sets.

Support for Autonomics Director

Autonomics Director, available in IBM Tools Base, helps maintain the health and performance of IMS by automating recurring database monitoring and maintenance tasks. It automatically discovers databases and database groups, initiates database evaluations using health statistics, and avoids peak operations times. Autonomics Director exploits the power of IMS sysplex automatic failover and workload management. IMS Fast Path Solution Pack adds support for Fast Path databases to Autonomics Director.

IMS High Performance Image Copy

Get high-speed database copy to rapidly back up and recover database data sets with IMS High Performance Image Copy. The tool can automatically take the database offline before making a batch image copy and restarting it after the process. The number of tapes used is reduced by stacking more than one image copy on the same tape. Image backups can be taken automatically during database reorganizations, enabling the use of databases immediately after they are reorganized.

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IMS Database Repair Facility

Enhance the integrity and availability of your VSAM- and OSAM-organized IMS databases by making repairs quickly. The interactive capabilities of IMS Database Repair Facility help you make pointer or data error repairs in a short time, which means that the affected database only needs to be taken offline for a brief period.

IMS Library Integrity Utilities

Get help validating, comparing, mapping, recovering, reporting and regenerating many IMS resources needed for operations. Ensures that the ACB (Application Control Block), DBD (Database Description), PSB (Program Specification Block) and MFS (Message Format Service) libraries are consistent and have full integrity.

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IMS Fast Path Advanced Tool

Improve processing efficiency and greatly reduce the time and resources needed for management tasks using the integrated tool functions. IMS Fast Path Advanced Tool provides concurrent unload, reload, reorganization, restructure, analysis DMAC print, and extract of multiple DEDB areas without impacting all areas of a database, all in a single step.

IMS Fast Path Basic Tools

Analyze, maintain, tune and migrate DEDBs without bringing up an IMS online system environment. These powerful tools — including DEDB Pointer Checker, DEDB Tuning Aid, and DEDB Unload/Reload — offer numerous utilities and functions such as database integrity verification, as well as summary and detail analysis reports to improve database management, maintenance, and performance tuning.

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IMS Fast Path Online Tools

Enhance how you manage and maintain the performance of your IMS DEDBs with the IMS Fast Path Online Tools, including an Online Pointer Checker, Online Data Extract, Online Area Extender, Online Expert Reorganization and Online DMAC print utilities. These tasks can be performed without having to take the IMS database offline.

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Support for Management Console for IMS and Db2

Simplify the management of complex system environments and enhance the solution with the IBM Management Console for IMS and Db2® for z/OS. IMS Fast Path Solution Pack includes evaluation of Fast Path databases in the web browser interface provided by Management Console for IMS and Db2.

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Online Space Management utility

Facilitate reorganization and area extension tasks for online IMS DEDBs. This utility provides advanced functions that help IMS database administrators manage the space utilization of DEDB areas without taking DEDB areas offline.

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