Feature spotlights

Online log data sets correction

Corrects online log data sets (OLDS) by invalidating logging for transactions that did not reach the synch point.

DEDBs recovery

Recovers DEDBs including VSO and shared VSO that were active when IMS failed.

Main storage database recovery

Generates the JCL of the MSDB Dump Recovery utility to be processed before the IMS cold start for the main storage database (MSDB) recovery.

Data set updates and maintenance

Updates and maintains the IMS Database Recovery Control (DBRC) RECON data sets when required.

Technical details

Software requirements

The following programs or subsequent releases are required for installing IMS DEDB Fast Recovery:

  • IMS environment. One of the following currently supported programs is required:
  • IMS Version 13 Release 1 (5635-A04)
  • IMS Version 14 Release 1 (5635-A05)
  • IMS Version 15 Release 1 (5635-A06)
  • IMS Database Value Unit Edition Version 13 Release 1 (5655-DSM)
  • IMS Database Value Unit Edition Version 14 Release 1 (5655-DSE)

Hardware requirements

The machine configuration required for IMS DEDB Fast Recovery is the same as the requirements for the IMS versions.

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