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What can IMS DEDB Fast Recovery do for your business

IBM® IMS™ DEDB Fast Recovery for z/OS® maintains the data integrity of IMS databases and reduces the time needed to recover DEDBs after an IMS emergency restart (ERE) failure. Quickly execute an unscheduled IMS cold start while maintaining the integrity of the IMS databases after IMS fails. IMS DEDB Fast Recovery corrects online log data sets (OLDS) and recovers DEDBs that were active when IMS failed. It also generates the JCL of the MSDB Dump Recovery utility to be processed before the IMS cold start for the main storage database (MSDB) recovery and updates and maintains the IMS Database Recovery Control (DBRC) RECON data sets when required.


Maintain data integrity

Take advantage of IMS DEDB Fast Recovery tools to operate and maintain the data integrity of IMS databases more efficiently.

Reduce DEDBs recovery time

Reduce the time needed to recover DEDBs after an IMS failure with the fast alternative to emergency restart failure recovery offered by IMS DEDB.

Improve recovery time with reports

Use the procedures and reports to help system administrators with the processes required before and after IMS cold start.

Key Features

  • Online log data sets correction
  • DEDBs recovery
  • Main storage database recovery
  • Data set updates and maintenance

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