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Enhance testing with IMS Batch Terminal Simulator for z/OS

IBM® IMS™ Batch Terminal Simulator for z/OS® is a testing and debugging tool that offers a comprehensive way to check application program logic, IMS application interfaces, teleprocessing activity, 3270 format control blocks, and database activity. It simulates the behavior of applications and generates reports that contain detailed information about the processed transactions. The solution improves application programming, testing productivity, and efficiency to save cost and time.


Enhance productivity

Increase application programmer productivity by providing a comprehensive way to test and debug IMS application and database activity.

Simplify scheduling and operations

Use flexible application test periods to make scheduling and operations easier.

Reduce IMS resource requirements

Significantly reduce system administrator tasks and IMS resource requirements for test environment set-up.

Lower cost and MIPS consumption

Use a lightweight testing environment compared to testing with full IMS resources to lower cost and MIPS consumption.

Utilize as a training tool

Enable new application programmers to learn the functions and behavior of their application programs by studying the test scenarios and recorded activity trace information.

IMS Batch Terminal Simulator for z/OS features

  • Comprehensive reports
  • Transaction processing simulation
  • IMS application testing
  • Transparent testing
  • Integrated application testing

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