FDA-cleared medical device applications

Radiology applications



Accipio Ix™ provides automatic, rapid, accurate identification and prioritization of suspected ICH in adult non-contrast CT images.


Quantib ND

Quantib ND provides automated brain tissue segmentation and quantification, including white matter, gray matter and CSF to detect atrophy quantification and white matter hyper-intensities.

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LungPrint Discovery

LungPrint Discovery offers validated quantitative analysis with novel airway visualizations to increase efficiency, quality and precision of lung CT reporting.


Cardiology Applications

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LVivo EF

LVivoEF is an AI-based, zero-click solution that runs behind the scenes to provide Ejection Fraction (EF) and Global Longitudinal Strain (GLS) for all echo exams, as soon as they are acquired.

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Cvi42 is a solution for cardiac MR and cardiac CT to provide simple, advanced analysis for MR, CT and interventional planning through easy, automatic advanced quantifications.

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vascuCAP is the only histologically-validated software to evaluate atherosclerotic plaque stability from a single CT Angiography to inform risk of event (MACE or Stroke) and treatment selection

Commercial non-medical device applications

Watson Health

IBM Watson Imaging Clinical Review

IBM Watson Imaging Clinical Review is a retrospective data review tool that compares clinical reports with the EHR problem list and recorded diagnosis to identify potential areas for reconciliation.

Watson Health

IBM Watson Imaging Patient Synopsis

IBM Watson Imaging Patient Synopsis is a radiologist-trained AI tool that helps inform clinical care decisions by extracting patient information from the EHR and projecting it via a single-view summary in sync with PACS.

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