IBM iDoctor for IBM i
Easy-to-use performance tooling to help you solve problems on IBM® Power®
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Collect, investigate and analyze performance data

IBM® iDoctor is a suite of dynamic tools that identify performance issues quickly on IBM i systems. Monitor your overall system health at a high level, and take advantage of advanced drill-down capabilities for specific issues. Some iDoctor tools are complimentary, and others require a license key.

iDoctor is sold via IBM Technology Services Statements of Work (SOWs).

Benefits Client-server based

Get more flexibility with the same engines, commands and database files as other web-based tools.

Frequent enhancements

Optimize performance with new functions added quarterly based on client and consultant feedback.

Drill-down analysis

Solve problems quickly by graphing high-level data then ranking, sorting and filtering results.

Features Wait analysis

iDoctor graphically shows you the types of waits occurring, identifies resource conflicts, and pinpoints the cause of many performance issues.


Collect data 24x7 so you can start analysis when a problem occurs. Retain only the amount of historical data that you desire.

Dynamic legend

Quickly add or remove selected metrics to best suit your needs using menu options or drag and drop.

Situational analysis

Identify problem areas based on real-life IBM support performance problems that have occurred in the past.

Report generator

Automate the creation of PDF reports of desired graphs. Email the results on a pre-determined collection schedule.

Make comparisons

Visually compare good runs with bad or compare different types of data sets side by side.

Free functions

Get help with common tasks such as working with jobs, browsing libraries and objects, viewing the IFS, transferring files, creating reports and more.

Add-ons Collection Services Investigator

Visualize high-level performance data to monitor or investigate job, CPU, disk or memory performance issues or make comparisons across multiple LPARs.

Job Watcher

Get real-time, detailed views of job/thread/task performance data. View displays of running and waiting job components, and analyze waiting jobs.

PEX Analyzer

Simplify the collection and analysis of all types of PEX data. Pinpoint the issues that are affecting system and application performance.

iDoctor requirements

— IBM i 7.1+
— IBM i Access Client Solutions AND Windows Application Package
— Windows 10 or higher

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