Intelligent, Active Quality Inspection

There is a problem in manufacturing today. Organizations are faced with continual pressure to ramp up production while lowering costs, and delivering a high-quality product faster than ever before. At the same time, experienced workers are leaving, requiring new workers to get up to speed faster than ever.

The challenge is that it’s hard, costly and confusing to implement new technology on a running manufacturing line. And QA leaders need to balance this introduction of new technology against production interruptions, compliance and safety concerns. Organizations and heads of QA need an easy way, with guidance, to get their computer vision use cases deployed with opportunities to grow their initiatives with business needs.

IBM Visual Inspector provides QA leaders the tools, training and technology to deploy the latest computer vision technology beyond the limitations of stationary cameras and fixed-line networks. Paired with advanced insights software and AI infrastructure, it is engineered to continuously improve accuracy.
IBM Visual Inspector Architecture


Performs visual inspection using portable, COTS hardware (iOS/iPadOS devices)


Provides immediate, actionable notifications via email or SMS


Scales globally with universally familiar hardware and operating system


Designed for simple operation requiring minimal human training