Protect data with centralized key lifecycle management

IBM Security® Guardium® Key Lifecycle Manager is an encryption key management tool that centralizes, simplifies and automates the key management process. It offers robust and security-rich key storage, key serving and key lifecycle management for self-encrypting applications and solutions by using interoperability protocols, including KMIP, IPP and REST, and interfaces such as PKCS#11. Guardium Key Lifecycle Manager helps clients meet regulations such as PCI DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA by providing access control, key rotation and other automated key lifecycle management processes.

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Guardium Key Lifecycle Manager

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Why Guardium

Customers realize value quickly with the full set of Guardium features

reduction in audit prep with automated compliance audit and reporting

billion security events per day in 130+ countries monitored by IBM for constant vigilance

hours of DBA time saved with automated processes


Centralized, transparent key management

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Provides centralized, simplified, and transparent key management through the secure storage of key material and the serving of keys at the time of use.

Simple, secure integration

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Offers simple, secure integration with supported protocols, including KMIP, IPP and REST, and interfaces such as PKCS#11.

Lower costs

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Reduces key management costs by automating the assignment and rotation of keys.

Flexible deployment

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Multiple options for deployment on bare-metal, as a virtual machine, or as a container

Deeper insights and broader integrations mean stronger data security

See what's new in out latest release, including endpoint certificate insights, support for Oracle TDE databases and more.


See how IBM Security Guardium Key Lifecycle Manager features work


How we price Guardium Key Lifecycle Manager

Guardium Key Lifecycle Manager requires a combination of both software and usage entitlements.

Eligible software license types:

  • GKLM Basic Edition
  • GKLM Container Edition for Distributed Platforms
  • GKLM Container Edition for zCX

Eligible usage license types:

  • Resource Value Units based on raw or usable decimal terabytes or petabytes of storage
  • Device-type licenses for certain endpoints (Transparent Data Encryption Databases, VMware and others)

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Technical specifications

See the IBM Security Guardium Key Lifecycle Manager supported devices.

Technical documentation

See the latest on all IBM Security Guardium Key Lifecycle Manager version 4 and 3 releases.

System requirements

See the support matrix for hardware, operating systems, browsers, hypervisors, middleware, HSMs, and KMIP.

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