Identify threats and security gaps in databases

To meet compliance requirements, counter insider and external threats and achieve the principles of zero trust, it’s critical that you understand where vulnerabilities in your database infrastructure lie. IBM Security™ Guardium® Vulnerability Assessment scans data infrastructures such as databases, data warehouses and big data environments to detect vulnerabilities and suggest remedial actions. This vulnerability assessment tool identifies exposures such as missing patches, weak passwords, unauthorized changes and misconfigured privileges. Full reports are provided as well as suggestions to address all vulnerabilities. Guardium Vulnerability Assessment detects behavioral vulnerabilities such as account sharing, excessive administrative logins and unusual after-hours activity. It identifies threats and security gaps in databases that could be exploited by hackers.

Why IBM Security Guardium Vulnerability Assessment?

Extensive platform support

Get support for a wide variety of database platforms — more than twice as many as the alternatives.

Benchmark testing

Conduct in-depth tests based on criteria and benchmarks from STIG, CIS and other configuration standards.

High efficiency

Save critical time and resources with intuitive test builders, robust reporting and automation; customize for your unique environment and take precise action.

Built to scale

The architecture uses non-invasive collection and easily scales to over 50,000 databases to accommodate the reality of rapidly growing data environments.

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Benefits of Guardium Vulnerability Assessment

Sensitive data discovery

Discover and classify sensitive data in heterogeneous environments.

Vulnerability testing and reporting

View detailed reporting on entitlements and risky configurations.

Compliance management

Automate compliance audits and exception management.

Key features of IBM Security Guardium Vulnerability Assessment

  • Automate vulnerability scanning and configuration
  • Map predefined tests for best practice standards
  • Uncover behavioral vulnerabilities
  • Scale to match enterprise needs
  • Report and take action

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