Feature spotlights

Provide faster, security-rich access to enterprise content

Increase productivity and reduce costs using IBM® FileNet® Image Services to efficiently store and manage enterprise-level volumes of fixed information. Use security-rich features that help prevent corruption and loss of critical content and documents caused by unexpected disruptions. Offer a high-availability environment that gives users quick access to critical information. Work with a scalable environment to meet the changing demands of your organization.

Work with built-in connectors to extend services

Connectors help you create more expansive storage capabilities including tools to aid regulatory compliance. The 3 provided FileNet Image Services connectors are customized for EMC Centera, IBM DR550 and SnapLock magnetic WORM storage products. These connectors deliver faster access to massive amounts of scalable storage while offering a viable online alternative to optical storage.

Take advantage of Windows-based user interfaces

Provide your users an intuitive web browser-style interface for access to most document types. These include word processing, spreadsheets, scanned paper documents, HTML forms, fax, audio and video. Enable automated deployment across large networks with support for Microsoft Systems Management Server.

Integrate with magnetic storage and retrieval systems

Take advantage of your existing enterprise storage investments and extend their use. Handle up to 8 petabytes of rewritable disk storage per system. Users can take advantage of a variety of storage technologies, including storage area networks (SAN), network-attached storage (NAS), tape silos, and hierarchical storage management (HSM).

Use a resource adaptor to connect custom J2EE applications

Connect custom J2EE applications to FileNet Image Services content for scalable, high performance and high volume access to vast amounts of business information. Enable users to access, view and manage FileNet Image Services content within a familiar Java application.

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