Client Vantage
IBM Client Vantage is a multi-platform application to digitally present key information and can include a metric dashboard.
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Business Value

IBM Client Vantage is more than a content management tool because it adds the dimension of interactivity – making presentations more engaging and collaborative. You can pull together blogs, videos, documentation, interactive tutorials, website links, calendars, agendas and more. Client Vantage collects all this data into a digital interface so all your information is easily accessible in one place. While it is a mobile app, it is also available on a browser.

Client operations support

Operational metrics are critical measures of success and are often contractual commitments. But ensuring they are available to all appropriate parties can be labor intensive and challenging.


  • IBM Client Vantage Digital Dashboard can be added to any custom client channel, providing a clean UI for hundreds of operational metrics. This dashboard gives you an executive view but allows you to drill down to individual metrics and their history.
Customized client interactions

Many people are still carrying a laptop to their client's location and fumbling around with multiple files to share information contained in PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, documents and videos to get their point across.


  • IBM Client Vantage helps you better interact and communicate with clients by creating and maintaining custom channels for each client. These channels contain information in an eye-catching format – easily accessible on laptops or mobile devices.
Key Features
Handle metrics more efficiently

During delivery of services, either internally or by a vendor, metrics are used to measure performance. The volume of metrics can easily be in the triple digits, making them difficult to view and manage. Client Vantage has a digital dashboard that consolidates hundreds of metrics into an at-a-glance executive view – and yet you can still drill down into an individual metric. A click or tap enables you to sort by type or region and view historical data.

Easily pull together internal collateral

Internal collateral for teams is often scattered across many different systems and can be poorly organized. Client Vantage pulls this content together in an easy-to-use and mobile interface – making it easily consumable. Bring focus to key collateral that your teams need, regardless of the media – including links to source materials and downloadable core content.

Provide engagement and proposal presentations that impress

Share solution and proposal materials with your client without having to email documents, presentations and videos. Avoid having to drag in a laptop and switch between files. Projecting or sending presentations could also be viewed as outdated. IBM Client Vantage enables you to have all your materials one tap or click away – even without an internet connection. You can combine a variety of media types that are digitally presented on a mobile device or a browser.

Achieve better transition and project management

In the past, communicating status has been sending charts by email. Many times there is no Project Control Book organizing all the project documentation and communications. If there is, it is usually a clunky, hard to use shared file repository. Client Vantage can be customized to organize and present all of this in a digital and eye appealing way. A tap or click will give you access to the latest information. No more sending emails or searching folders and worrying about version control.

Provide engagement and proposal presentations that impress

Client Vantage is multi-platform. Use your smartphone, tablet, computer browser – or download your content for offline viewing.

Organize all metrics on one dashboard

Manage your metrics on a digital dashboard, with commenting at the metric level. Get alerts on your mobile device when reaching your defined thresholds.

Gain drag and drop functionality

Easily create and update your channel with drag and drop functionality. Customize your channel to fit your image or to meet the needs of your client.

Quickly pull together content

The app provides seamless navigation to pertinent content and the ability to view web pages and videos within the app – or download content for offline viewing.

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