How IBM Hyper Protect Data Controller extends your data security

Protect sensitive data

IBM Hyper Protect Data Controller is a consolidated data-centric encryption technology that secures SQL structured data sources (accessed via JDBC or REST APIs) and enables privacy of that data after it leaves the system of record, minimizing the impact of security breaches and nonalternative compliance risk.

Move data securely between environments

Encrypt data into Encrypted Data Objects (EDO), or mask data, before it leaves the system of record. This protection follows your data as it traverses the enterprise network and prevents unauthorized access at all locations and end points.

Prevent unauthorized access

Protect data by applying several techniques—including encryption, masking and hashing—to reveal only data that is authorized for a given user based on central policy controls. At the point of data consumption, the policy defined using the Data Controller determines a user’s entitlement to see the data.

Maintain control of your data

Once there is no longer a need to share data in the enterprise, future access can be revoked at any time through key deletion or a dynamic policy update.

Adopt a Zero Trust environment

Learn more about Zero Trust

Improve security with a zero trust approach that aligns with business priorities. Our approach unifies and integrates tools and processes with the goal of wrapping security – with context – around every user, every device, every connection – every single time.

Enable verifiable security and compliance

Centralizing access and control of your enterprise data across all platforms helps reduce cost and complexity and allows you to improve audit readiness.

Enhance data privacy with a trusted environment

Learn about IBM Hyper Protect Virtual Servers

Hyper Protect Data Controller uses Hyper Protect Virtual Servers support for deployment, providing additional privacy and defense against internal and external threats.

Easily define and manage policy

Policies governing the protection and usage of data are defined and managed through an intuitive web-based user interface.

Get it on IBM z15 and IBM z14

Learn about IBM z15

Hyper Protect Data Controller is now available on IBM z15™— where you can encrypt your data, isolate workloads, and facilitate infrastructure security services. It is also available on IBM z14™.

Get it on IBM LinuxONE

Learn about IBM LinuxONE III

Hyper Protect Data Controller is now available on IBM LinuxONE III, the highly secure Linux-optimized platform for data serving and open-enterprise computing. It is also available on LinuxONE Rockhopper II and LinuxONE Emperor II.

Frequently asked questions

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Explore the FAQs about data protection, privacy and provenance.

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