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IBM Hybrid Data Management Platform enables you to collect, manage and provide business insights to data across on-premises, in private and public cloud, or integrated across structured and unstructured data types. Simply purchase IBM FlexPoints and allocate towards multiple resources from the IBM Db2® family with a single subscription. FlexPoints can be instantly purchased and transferred to easily add and switch entitlements from a convenient single sign-on dashboard. Now you can dynamically allocate data resources where you need them, when you need them.

Benefits of the Hybrid Data Management Platform

Innovate with untapped data

Extract insights from all types of data — structured, semi-structured or unstructured – with the full capabilities of IBM Db2.

Gain flexible deployment

Deploy the right product for the right business requirement at the right time. Adjust your deployments as needed across on premises and cloud.

Reduce costs

Seamlessly integrate and deploy on cloud and on premises for high-speed production environments. Efficiently test on a minimal cloud environment for QA.

With a single product subscription, purchase IBM FlexPoints and allocate towards the following products.

IBM Db2 Database

On-premises database optimized to deliver industry-leading performance while lowering costs. IBM Db2 Database is supported across Linux, Unix, and Windows operating systems.

IBM Db2 Warehouse

Client-managed, highly flexible, operational data warehouse for private clouds and containerized deployments.


First and only SQL-on-Hadoop solution that offers low latency support for ad hoc or complex queries, high performance, security, compatibility and federation capabilities.

IBM Db2 Event Store

A memory-optimized database designed to rapidly ingest and analyze streamed data for event-driven applications. Includes an integrated, collaborative development experience with support for creating machine learning models.

Db2 Hosted

On-demand cloud service that delivers a Db2 multiworkload SQL database in a cloud infrastructure. It offers robust performance and high availability.

IBM Db2 on Cloud

Fully-managed SQL cloud database that offers the advanced features of an on-premises database without the cost, complexity and risk of managing your own infrastructure.

IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud

A fully managed, elastic cloud data warehouse built for high-performance analytics and AI, delivering a highly optimized columnar data store, actionable compression and in-memory processing to supercharge your analytics.

Customer case studies

woman in a server room

KONE Corp.

KONE improves "people flow" in 1.1 million elevators globally with Db2 Warehouse on Cloud and IBM Watson IoT™.

Server room

Delhaize America

This supermarket business boosts customer engagement and loyalty with a big data solution that includes Db2 Warehouse on Cloud.

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