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What is IBM Hybrid Data Management Platform?

A flexible platform that provides you access to all the products and services within the Db2 family portfolio, both on premises and cloud. With one subscription, you can dynamically allocate data resources where and when you need them. Read our official announcement.

What products are included in the platform?

IBM Hybrid Data Management Platform includes the following IBM products: Db2, Db2 Warehouse, Db2 Big SQL, Db2 Event Store, Db2 on Cloud, Db2 Hosted and Db2 Warehouse on Cloud.

How do I purchase a subscription to the platform?

To subscribe, you must purchase a minimum of 250 FlexPoints towards your subscription. Then, you will gain access to all the bundled products and can deploy any product using your FlexPoints. See the details in our Licensing Guide.

How do I deploy the bundled products after purchasing a subscription?

Once you have an active Hybrid Data Management Platform subscription, you can download any of the bundled software products from Passport Advantage. You will also be able to deploy the Hybrid Flex service plans for each of the three bundled cloud services.

Which Db2 edition is included in the Hybrid Data Management Platform?

Db2 is packaged with the Advanced Edition, which is our most advanced version of Db2. This edition has no processor, memory, or database size limits, which makes it ideal for any size workload. Read more about Db2 Advanced Edition.


How much does a subscription to the Hybrid Data Management Platform cost?

Each FlexPoint costs USD 1.00/month and the minimum purchase necessary to begin a subscription is 250 FlexPoints. See the details in our Licensing Guide.

How is usage calculated and deducted from my FlexPoints?

We keep track of your usage for each of the bundled products on an hourly basis and deduct that usage from your monthly FlexPoint entitlement. Your usage depends on the number of virtual processor cores, instances, memory and storage you deploy. See the details in our Licensing Guide.

What happens if I exceed my monthly FlexPoint entitlement?

Even if you exceed your monthly FlexPoint entitlement, IBM does not cut off or throttle the performance of your deployments. We simply charge a 10 percent uplift on your excess usage at the end of the month. You are free to add more FlexPoints at any time to avoid overage charges.

If I only use one of the bundled products for a few weeks, will I pay for a full month of usage?

No. IBM will only charge you for what you use. We track your usage down to the hour and will only deduct FlexPoints for the duration that an instance was deployed.

What is the FlexPoints value for each of the bundled products?

The bundled software products are priced per virtual processor core. The bundled cloud services are priced per base instance, virtual processor core, gigabyte of memory, and gigabyte of storage. Please see the licensing guide for the FlexPoint prices per metric.

Other common questions

As my data needs evolve, how do I add or switch products within the platform?

Simply purchase IBM FlexPoints and allocate towards any bundled product with a single subscription. FlexPoints can be instantly purchased and transferred to easily add and switch products, all from a convenient single sign-on dashboard.

Can I try the products bundled in the platform to determine the products that suit my business needs?

Of course. IBM currently offers multiple free trials and editions of our Db2 family products. See our free Db2 trials and downloads.

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