IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh
Be a network hero in a multicloud world. Deliver app-centric multicloud networking connectivity in minutes and provide any service, anytime, anywhere.
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Reimagine your networks from an application POV

Enterprises are adopting edge, hybrid and multicloud architectures with applications and data assets spread across public and private clouds while also supporting a remote, dynamic user base. However, there is a consistent issue: IT teams struggle with delivering secure, predictable network connectivity required by their applications. This struggle can be as much an organizational alignment issue as it a tools and technology issue, often leading to ineffective and delayed deployments.

IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh, a multicloud networking solution, is a SaaS product designed to allow organizations to establish simple and secured application-centric connectivity across a wide variety of public and private clouds, edge and on-premises. It can bridges operational silos, giving granular network control to CloudOps and easy to-consume interfaces to DevOps teams for faster problem solving.

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Simple, secured and predictable application-centric connectivity

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How to build application-aligned mutlicloud networks

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Chart a path to digital transformation with hybrid and multicloud application-centric connectivity Connect quickly

Create secured application connectivity across clouds in minutes, not days.

Eliminate silos

Enhance collaboration between DevOps and CloudOps teams through a single portal.

Streamline app migration

Make the network “follow the application” when services move across locations.

Discover apps automatically

Save time with seamless auto-discovery of cloud infrastructure and applications.

Let’s unleash the full potential of your hybrid, multicloud network
Simple Discover operational simplicity and bridge operational silos with SaaS-based, application-centric connectivity.

Secured Depend on zero trust architecture with end-to-end encryption. Improve security with segmentation and micro-segmentation.

Scalable Scale up to the largest enterprise environments. Scale resources up and down based on demand.

Seamless Reduce barriers between CloudOps and DevOps teams to deliver any service, on any cloud.
Single UI dashboard Enable CloudOps and DevOps teams to work from the same dashboards. A unified dashboard where DevOps and CloudOps can get all the information they need to keep their hybrid cloud network running smoothly to meet their business needs.

App to service Deliver secured application centric connectivity between any app and service. Optimize connection with zero trust architecture and end-to-end encryption to deliver enhanced security.

Hybrid app support Support applications deployed on public and private clouds to seamlessly bridge operational silos.

Geo-mapped topology Visualize your application-centric topology using geo-based coordinates with real-time updates of the hybrid cloud network.

CI/CD pipeline integration Leverage a full set of APIs/CLI to control IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh actions by understanding what is deployed, where it is deployed to and when it is deployed.
Use cases App-centric connectivity

Easily create a secure application-centric network overlay in a hybrid, multicloud environment.

Explore application-centric connectivity
Network follows the application

Enable your hybrid network to automatically change as applications move across multiple clouds.

Explore network follows the application
Network optimization

Deliver consistent and predictable connectivity to applications deployed in public and private clouds.

Explore network optimization

Join our experts, thought leaders, and clients to learn how IBM enables IT Success with Hybrid Cloud Mesh. Learn about what’s new, what’s working and how to transform your network with clouds, automation and app connectivity.

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See how IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh can help

Be a network hero in a multicloud world. Deliver app-centric connectivity in minutes.

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