IBM HourGlass features

Flexibility and security

Enable testing at the end-of-period, a week, month, quarter or year processing—or simply testing across midnight or any other critical time period. A simple, online Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF) interface allows you to specify testing on individual development jobs or create a random testing scenario across groups of programs. Security features enable you to define which programmers receive access, even specific to job groups or classes.

Date and time alteration

Alter the date and time returned to a z/OS® application when a time request is made (SVC 11 or PC Time Requests) by specifying patterns or specific applications, transactions, users and address space names. You can take advantage of IBM® CICS® Transaction Server in support of time-dimensional testing in IBM CICS Open Transaction Environment (OTE) and use the IBM HourGlass CICS Batch Time Management process to set the date/time for a CICS region.

Simulated date and time processing

Run tests simultaneously using a different system date. Maintain each user’s view of the system date without affecting other users.
You can set the IMS IOPCB date and time fields to any requested date and time without having to re-link the application.

Coordinated reporting and data transfers

Allow CICS users to set the EIBDATE field and extends accurate time and date functionality regardless of time zone.