Surface answers hidden in your data

Health Insights is an end-to-end analytics and data solution designed to help organizations like employers, health plans, brokers and consultants manage population health and healthcare program performance. Users access our portfolio of analytic methodologies and data exploration and reporting tools through an interface that’s linked to our integrated healthcare data warehouse. Health Insights addresses the needs of multiple business lines – including Commercial, Medicare Advantage and Medicaid.

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With Health Insights, you have the tools you need to manage your healthcare program

Understand population health and evaluate program performance

Use advanced analytic methods to identify and better understand areas of greatest population health risk. Assess your program’s performance against organizations like yours with MarketScan® Benchmarks.

Explore root causes and potential interventions

Drillable dashboards, defined drill paths, Jumpstart analytic templates and our natural language analytic assistant help you find what’s driving less-than-optimal program performance.

Uncover cost drivers and quantify their impact

Watson Change Detection’s machine learning technology mines through your data systematically, at a granular level, to surface cost drivers typically hidden in summary analytic reporting. Analysts focus their efforts on determining which drivers offer the most meaningful opportunities for improvement.

Easily share and distribute reports

Use our curated data views with health measures and benchmarks – or create custom dashboards with visualizations that you can drag and drop into place, and share reports with your stakeholders. Automate employer reporting with IBM Account Group Insights.

How Novartis Business Services understands its population

“We’re able to use data to help us be more empathetic, more caring, more precise in how we approach our employees and how we help them with problems that interfere with their productivity.” - Robert S. Goldsmith, MD, MPH | Executive Director of Corporate Employee Health, Novartis Business Services (2019)

Health Insights helps you get the most from your data

Integrated health database

Tap into sources far beyond medical and prescription claims data, such as lab results, eligibility, HRAs and disability data. Layer in our socio-demographic data to reveal social determinants of health impacting your population.

Health Insights Explorer with advanced analytic capabilities

Conduct ad hoc data investigations that delve into the areas of greatest interest to you and your clients. Explore data through vibrant visualizations and easy-to-understand drillable dashboards.

The power of AI

Use machine learning technology with IBM Watson Change Detection to start one step ahead in the analytic process. Let our analytic assistant guide your analysis with natural language processing technology.

Built-in analytic methods

Get the most analytic value from Health Insights’ groupers for episodes, admissions, and outpatient events, cognitive analytics, predictive risk models, and our HEDIS Allowable Adjustment Certified quality rules measures, and see comparisons with peers with MarketScan® Benchmarks.

Reporting capabilities

Use our time-saving, convenient Jumpstart analytic templates or create customized reports tailored to your stakeholders’ demands, convenient to update and share.

User interface and data science-enabled

Access the Health Insights data warehouse and methods measures with the native Explorer tool or use Python with Jupyter Notebook.

Program management during COVID-19

Learn about Medicare and Medicaid population management, designing interventions and strengthening provider relationships during a pandemic.

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