Hazelcast In-Memory Computing Platform for IBM Cloud Paks
Store and stream data at any scale
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What is Hazelcast In-Memory Computing Platform for IBM Cloud® Paks?

Hazelcast In-Memory Computing Platform for IBM Cloud Paks provides a multicloud in-memory computing platform for stored and streaming data at any scale. Cloud-native applications deployed in an IBM Cloud Pak® can be built with higher throughput and lower latency using the Hazelcast framework for high-speed data access and distributed computing.

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Use cases

Mainframe integration Keep your mainframes but add new capabilities: web and mobile data access, real-time stream processing, machine learning inference, and large-scale extract-transform-load (ETL) processing.

Application acceleration Reduce application bottlenecks around disk and network I/O to boost overall system speed. Speed up your data-intensive apps, customer-facing interfaces, and machine learning models.

Edge-to-cloud computing Create a consistent, simplified edge-to-cloud deployment with lightweight portable data platforms.

Benefits Real-time performance

Process, aggregate, filter and analyze data as it’s created

Scalable and elastic

Grow or shrink clusters by adding or removing a server instance

Reliable and more secure

Get business continuity capabilities and built-in security

Faster time-to-market

Reduce development time with an object-oriented API

Increase performance without compromising on reliability and security Use the Hazelcast In-Memory Computing Platform with IBM Cloud Paks to gain value from the promise of the cloud Simplify development

Add new capabilities quickly with a developer-focused platform

Microsecond performance

Perform more work in less time with in-memory processing

Mission-critical reliability

Help ensure zero-downtime and more secure operations with built-in data protection

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