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Data compliance or data security? You don’t have to choose.

The IBM Security® Guardium® Insights data security platform allows any enterprise to quickly address their data security and compliance needs. Its robust capabilities help enterprises automate compliance policy enforcement and centralize data activity from multiple clouds. This enhances visibility to achieve a consolidated view of how critical data is being accessed and used across hybrid environments. 

Guardium Insights is designed to provide data security specialists with a centralized hub where they can retain monitoring data for compliance or analytic purposes for as long as they need to. With best-in-class features such as automated compliance, audit and reporting, and real-time monitoring, Guardium Insights can help users achieve a reduction in audit prep time. Guardium Insights can complement and enhance existing Guardium® Data Protection deployments or be installed on its own to help solve compliance and cloud data activity monitoring challenges.

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Why Guardium

Clients realize value quickly with the full set of Guardium features

Client interview revealed a 75% reduction in audit prep with automated compliance audit and reporting

18 data sources directly monitored by Guardium Insights

8 OOTB compliance templates that position your business to meet the most rigorous security standards


How Guardium Insights supports your data security and compliance needs

Connect and stream from a variety of data sources (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Snowflake, MongoDB and more). Enable compliance policy and audit workflows, monitor and retain data activity, and uncover risks with advanced analytics.

IBM Security Guardium

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