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Simple data security for a complex cloud world

Disparate data sources require unified data security. IBM Security™ Guardium® Insights for IBM Cloud Pak® for Security provides centralized data security across the hybrid multicloud. Adapt and scale with modern architecture, streamline compliance and audit processes and share contextual risk insights across security teams to support zero trust.


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Reduce audit prep


with automated compliance audit and reporting.

Decrease breach threats


with centralized visibility and advanced analytics.

Save up to


hours of DBA time with automated processes.

Common Use Case Demo Library

Support daily security and compliance tasks

A Day in the Life Demo (06:56)

A Day in the Life Demo (06:56)

Support daily security and compliance tasks

Managing daily data security and compliance tasks is critically important, but can be challenging.

This series of use cases demonstrates how to use Guardium Insights to support your daily data security and compliance tasks.

Combat tool sprawl

REST API Integration in IBM Security Guardium Insights For IBM Cloud Pak for Security

Demo: REST API Integration in Guardium Insights (02:37)

Combat tool sprawl

It can be a challenge to get multiple, disparate IT and security systems to work together efficiently.

Guardium Insights uses REST APIs to share data security information with other security and data apps, connecting diverse tools to build a more cohesive data security strategy.

Integrate with the SIEM

Integrating Splunk with IBM Security Guardium Insights For IBM Cloud Pak for Security

Demo: Integrating Splunk with Guardium Insights (01:22)

Integrate with the SIEM

Data security tools must communicate with other mission-critical security platforms — especially the SIEM — to enable fast and easy data sharing.

Besides its ability to integrate with the IBM Security™ portfolio, Guardium Insights quickly connects with other tools in the security stack, like Splunk.

Break down security siloes

Case Management in IBM Security Guardium Insight For IBM Cloud Pak for Security

Demo: Case management in Guardium Insights (03:29)

Break down security siloes

Data security is everyone’s business. As data sprawl continues, it’s necessary to share data security insights across siloed teams.

Through integration with IBM Cloud Pak® for Security, Guardium Insights can share tickets with the security operations center (SOC) for a collaborative threat response.

Build reports out-of-the-box

Running Out-of-the-Box Reports in IBM Security Guardium Insights For IBM Cloud Pak for Security

Demo: Running out-of-the-box reports in Guardium Insights (00:55)

Build reports out-of-the-box

When it comes to an audit or a data breach, there is no time to spare. Often, putting together data security reports for these events can take hours.

Guardium Insights can generate out-of-the-box reports in seconds to help satisfy auditors, meet compliance, and investigate incidents faster.

Generate custom reports

Creating Custom Reports in IBM Security Guardium Insights For IBM Cloud Pak for Security

Demo: Creating custom reports in Guardium Insights (08:11)

Generate custom reports

To meet data security goals, sometimes customization is necessary. But building custom reports often takes too much effort to be practical.

With custom reporting in Guardium Insights, you can quickly set ranges, parameters and filters specific to your organization's needs — in minutes.

Advanced Sensitive Data Discovery and Classification

Introducing IBM Security Discover and Classify to detect, map, and contextualize sensitive data at rest and in motion


Centralized monitoring

Use Guardium Insights as a central hub to monitor data activity across cloud and on-prem sources, and to build connectors to additional data sources.

Modernized architecture

Built on Red Hat® OpenShift®, Guardium Insights is compatible with major cloud data sources, including Amazon Kinesis and Microsoft Azure Event Hubs.

Advanced analytics

Guardium Insights uses predictive analytics and outlier detection to quickly discover suspicious activity and score risks based on potential impact.

Integration with mission-critical tools

Guardium Insights integrates with your SIEM, SOC, ticketing platform and other key security and IT tools via REST APIs or shared architecture.

Automated compliance and streamlined workflows

Define custom data monitoring policies and the full audit lifecycle; automate processes and notifications.

Fast reporting to understand trends

Generate reports within seconds and create custom reports as needed to speed insights, identify trends and enhance collaboration among stakeholders.

Long-term data retention

Retain monitoring data such as user activity and critical audit data for years to enrich investigations and meet compliance goals.

Advanced discovery and classification

Integration with IBM Security Discover and Classify allows you to quickly understand where sensitive data lives, how it moves, and how it is used.




Fully customizable UI

A simple point-and-click connections experience to add new data sources and a home screen that can be tailored to show the analytics and reports most valuable to you for greater visibility and simplified setup.

The modern security platform

See how IBM Cloud Pak® for Security unifies security data, tools and teams.

* “The Total Economic Impact™Of IBM Security Guardium”, Forrester Consulting, October 2020