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Discover how Guardium Insights can improve visibility, simplify compliance, and protect sensitive information.

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Learn about system requirements for installing and maintaining IBM Guardium Insights.

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Learn to quickly activate your sandbox and explore key data security features efficiently.

Analyst reports, Data sheets and eBooks Guardium Insights DSPM on AWS

Gain visibility over sensitive data, map data flows, and uncover vulnerabilities with DSPM.

KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Data Security Platforms

Get an overview of the data security platforms market.

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Data Compliance in a Hybrid Multicloud World

Blog Posts DSPM vs CSPM

Worried about cloud data breaches? Encryption alone isn't enough. Learn about DSPM, the key to real cloud data security.

Cloud Data at Risk? Secure It Now!

Cloud breaches are expensive & common, especially in multi-cloud. Learn how easy data protection can keep your data safe and innovation soaring.

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Discover expert tips, industry trends, and practical strategies to maximize your data security posture.

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Most popular What is DSPM (Data Security Posture Management)?

DSPM versus CSPM

Guardium Insights - DSPM 

Webinars Mastering Data Residency

Learn about effective strategies to fortify your data residency with compliance measures.

How Security Leaders Are Protecting Their Cloud and SaaS Data

Discover industry best practices to gain control of your data and protect it from breaches and compliance fines.

Is your cloud data truly secure?

Guardium Insights simplifies cloud data security. Learn how & gain a DSPM vs. CSPM edge.


Find the answers to some frequently asked questions. For more information, contact an IBM representative.

Are any other offerings needed to use Guardium Insights?

Guardium Insights supports IBM Security Guardium Data Protection and database-as-a-service (DBaaS) environments. It supports IBM Security Guardium Data Protection for Databases (v11.x), IBM Security Guardium Data Protection for Data Warehouses and IBM Security Guardium Data Protection for Big Data. For DBaaS, Guardium Insights supports Amazon AWS Kinesis (PostgreSQL) and other environments. Contact IBM to learn more.


Does Guardium Insights have any prerequisites?

To deploy Guardium Insights, customers must first deploy Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform.

For database as a service (DBaaS), can I stream my data security and compliance data directly into Guardium Insights?

Yes, you can stream data directly from DBaaS sources right to the Guardium Insights hub.

What DBaaS sources does Guardium Insights support?

Guardium Insights supports a variety of private and public cloud DBaaS sources, including AWS and Microsoft Azure and other providers. To learn more, please contact your IBM representative, your IBM Business Partner, or contact IBM directly.

What is the recommended environment needed to run Guardium Insights?

Specific requirements will vary based on your environment. To learn more, please contact your IBM representative or contact IBM directly.

Does Guardium Insights help address regulatory compliance and security standards?

Guardium Insights helps to address non-compliance for some of the most rigorous data compliance standards, data privacy laws , and personally identifiable information (PII) mandates, including:

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), PCI, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), DSS, SOX, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability act (HIPAA).

Does Guardium Insights implement data governance?

Guardium Insights is a powerful tool to have in your data governance arsenal—but it does not implement data governance. Data security is about protecting data from external and internal threats, whereas data governance focuses on ensuring effective data management and compliance with data-related policies and regulations within an organization. Both concepts are essential components of a comprehensive data management strategy.

Does Guardium Insights enhance or replace management systems?

Guardium Insights is a comprehensive data security platform—and is a complement to any organization's data management strategy.

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