Key highlights

Enables always on operations

Enables high-availability of operations through geographical distribution of data centers and near real-time replication of data across those centers. The solution ensures high-performance with little or no downtime and near real time recovery. This, in turn, helps ensure compliance with service-level agreements (SLAs) and that customer service and expectations are met.

Disaster resiliency and recovery

Ensures greater resiliency to disruptions and highly-efficient recovery in the event of a disruption or disaster with a purpose-built, multi-data center mailbox architecture. Enables companies to deploy an active-active or active-passive recovery. Ensures disaster recovery.

Configurable geographic distribution

Flexible and configurable geographic distribution options to meet performance and customer-service requirements.

Easy to use and intuitive UI

Intuitive UI makes managing global mailboxes, data replication and recovery easy for IT and operations users — ensuring high-availability and near real-time recovery.