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High availability for your business

IBM® Sterling Global Mailbox 6.0 helps companies address demands for high availability operations and redundancy with a robust and reliable data storage solution available across geographically distributed locations.  The solution supports active-active communications for disruption resiliency and disaster recovery in near real-time. 

Global Mailbox is available for IBM Sterling B2B Integrator and IBM Sterling File Gateway and designed to work with IBM Sterling Control Center.

Benefits of IBM Sterling Global Mailbox

Ensures high-availability operations

Provides capabilities to maintain high-availability and efficient disaster resilience and recovery, including active-active communications.

Real-time data replication

Real-time data replication eliminating the need for backup databases or custom-built approaches to disaster recovery.

Configurable geographic distribution

Flexible and configurable geographic distribution options to meet performance and customer-service level requirements.

Key highlights

  • Enables always on operations
  • Disaster resiliency and recovery
  • Configurable geographic distribution
  • Easy to use and intuitive UI

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