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Optimize your EDI capabilities

IBM® Gentran is a versatile, high-performance solution designed to assist with the exchange of EDI and other types of data. It consists of several logical components: a data store, process, communication controllers and user interface clients. Gentran is a point product intended to address one need — the translation of inbound and outbound B2B files and messages.

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Benefits of IBM Gentran

Process control

Directs data to areas inside or outside your enterprise, and provides scheduled or event-driven messaging.

Mapping utility and translator

Provides broad standards and supports an intuitive GUI for data mapping.

Executive and mailbox service

Monitors the activity of the entire Gentran system and provides a central gateway for all information that flows through Gentran.

Key highlights

  • Support versatile business challenges with open architecture
  • Gain control over your environment with process control
  • Perform easier mapping and accelerate data translation
  • Trading partner setup and maintenance enhances relationships
  • Communicate globally or locally