Enable security-rich, cloud-based connectivity with customers, partners and suppliers.

Key highlights

Support versatile business challenges with open architecture

IBM Gentran:Server is built upon an open architecture, which permits your IT personnel to install and configure components using common features and functions. With this versatile, high-performance solution for the Windows client/server environment, you can build on your investment over time, adding more capabilities as your requirements evolve.

Gain control over your environment with process control

It is critical that business documents be delivered; however, not all documents need to be delivered simultaneously. You will need to decide how you, your partners, and your company support B2B activities given current infrastructure and business considerations. Process control gives you a way to control when, where and how documents are processed.

Perform easier mapping and accelerate data translation

The IBM Gentran mapping utility provides broad standards and supports an intuitive GUI for data mapping. It displays your application or standard data schemas side-by-side on your screen and allows customers to simply point-and-click to establish virtually any-to-any mapping relationships — a function that used to take extensive time and training.

Trading partner setup and maintenance enhances relationships

Offers flexibility in establishing new trading relationships. Enhancing your partner relations can enable your company to trade complex documents, based upon XML, that incorporate not only graphics or non-EDI formats, but also business rules designed for further integration across the enterprise.

Communicate globally or locally

This flexible offering helps enable customers to exchange data with business partners globally. Using standard Microsoft technologies, the communications service controls data flow to and from the system, allowing for communication over a variety of protocols.