Example of an fulfillment optimization dashboard

What can Fulfillment Optimizer do for your business?

IBM Sterling Fulfillment Optimizer with Watson is a cognitive analytic engine that enhances existing order management systems. It provides a “big data brain” to order management and inventory visibility systems that are already in place with retailers who have eCommerce fulfillment capability. 

With Fulfillment Optimizer, retailers are better able to understand and act on changes in the market as they occur – to perfectly balance protecting margins, utilizing store capacity and meeting delivery expectations. These sourcing decisions can dramatically increase profits, especially during peak periods.


Benefits of IBM Sterling Fulfillment Optimizer with Watson

Increase profitability

Easily execute optimized omnichannel fulfillment plans at the lowest cost-to-serve.

Understand the big picture

Know the impact of omnichannel decisions across eCommerce, merchandising, logistics, store operations and supply chain.

Solve cost-to-serve challenges

Intelligently balance omnichannel fulfillment costs against service to protect margins, utilize store capacity and meet customer delivery expectations.

Gain real-time sourcing flexibility

Make better use of ‘”at risk” and returned inventory.

Leverage stores to maximize capacity

Expand your ability to meet order fulfillment demands for how, when and where customers receive orders during peak periods. Scale existing fulfillment capacity to accommodate more customer demand.

Ensure improved performance

Prove out fulfillment scenarios prior to go-live.