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SWIFT messaging interface that holds all SWIFT Interface certifications - FIN, InterAct, FileAct, RMA. Ready for incorporating alternative payments networks – SWIFT, blockchain, faster payments, regional networks – without changing the back office. Supports all SWIFT MT and MX messages including message formatting and validation. Included message management, message warehouse and support for GPI (global payments initiative).


Multiple business units are supported in a single instance where each is able to configure the solution as though it was only their own. Delivers flexible message routing to support the varied back office applications that are critical to SWIFT message processing. Includes IBM’s market leading integration platform for an extensible architecture based on open standards. Provides APIs for integration into anti-fraud capabilities, sanction detection, and other services.


Provides a more secure – secure zone by benefiting from EAL5 certified isolation when running on IBM Z servers. Compliant with the SWIFT Customer Security Control Framework. Works with IBM Safer Payments to provide a unique cognitive fraud prevention solution that is especially applicable to the challenges in detecting the novel frauds in SWIFT payments.


Handles highest volumes resiliently-- proven at the world’s largest banks. Benefits from IBM technologies that provide quick recovery from failures.


Has operational and management UIs for researching, inspecting and repairing SWIFT messages. Includes a message warehouse with predefined general reports and security-controlled ad-hoc queries to provide insight into the status of transactions.

Customer case studies

Person making financial transactions by cellphone and laptop

EBPI expands its services porfolio with FTM


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