Stay current without costly investments in new systems and maintenance

Build on existing investments

Integrate time-tested analytics with your enterprise data warehouse (EDW) and business intelligence tools and derive more value from your IT investments.

Accelerate time to insight

Embed analytic content directly into your EDW and workflows to help reduce analytic latency and speed time to value. Use our optional FHIR adapter with your FHIR server for near real-time insights from data that’s refreshed each business day to maximize your FHIR server ROI.

Mitigate analytic disconnects

Leverage inter-connected algorithms that build upon and enhance each other for a cohesive and consistent approach to analytics.

Decrease maintenance

Reduce the time and resources required to maintain and update analytics — we keep the methodologies current, so you can focus on value-added activities with greater impact.

Drive analytic efficiencies

Run multiple methods at once — via a unified input file — to make efficient use of both professional and technical resources.

Scale as needs shift

Expand your analytic capabilities in alignment with business priorities and technology initiatives, without changing your underlying IT infrastructure.

Methodologies and HEDIS Allowable Adjustment Certified measures

Risk-Adjusted Medical Episode Grouper

Population Classification

Risk of Hospitalization

Risk of Rising Cost

Watson Change Detection

Service Categories

Disease Staging

Cost of Care models

Quality Rules Engine and Rules Editor

Inpatient Admission Grouper

Medical Episode Grouper (MEG)

Outpatient Event Grouper (OPEG)

How customers use it

Care management

Stratify populations to understand their needs, put outreach action plans in place, and evaluate the impact of your care management programs on population health and the bottom line.

Health plan care manager using Flexible Analytics to understand population health

Financial analysis

An array of cost and utilization methods that can help you evaluate current and future risk, benchmark performance and understand underlying drivers that can impact profitability.

Health plan financial analyst using Flexible Analytics to evaluate risk

Provider performance insights

Identify your top-performing network providers, drive behavioral change and close potential performance gaps.

Health plan network manager using Flexible Analytics to understand top-performing in-network providers

Employer group and executive reporting

Respond to the reporting needs of employer groups and internal executives to demonstrate the value of your services.

Health plan account manager who uses Flexible Analytics to illustrate trends to her employer clients

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