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Safer Payments provides tools to continuously monitor business performance and adapt the decision model to emerging and modified fraud patterns.

How it's used

Real-time payments fraud prevention

Sender and recipient payment profile graphic chart

Real-time payments fraud prevention

Criminals structure payments and 'smurf' them through mule accounts to disguise the flow of money. Safer Payments profiles each payment originator and beneficiary as both sender and recipient of payments in the past.

Model factory

Data science techniques graphic chart

Model factory

To enable the combination of the best data science techniques, we created the "model factory" concept. It allows Safer Payments users to pick the combination of techniques best suited to solve their fraud problem.

Online and mobile banking

Device ID capability graphic chart

Online and mobile banking

Safer Payments uses data from actual online and mobile banking sessions. Built-in device ID capability, with device behavior profiling and a device reputation database and biometric parameter recognition hardens this channel.

Utilize open source data science

Open software graphic chart

Utilize open source data science

Safer Payments is the 'most open' data science platform for payment fraud prevention currently available in the market. Export and import models in portable PMML format and ingest models or feature extractions as Python code.

Multi-tenancy and multi-channel

Multi-tenant hierarchical graphic chart

Multi-tenancy and multi-channel

Safer Payments provides hierarchical multi-tenancy. It efficiently manages hundreds of tenants, each customized. Inheritance allows maintenance of "central" models and configurations.


Solution brief

IBM Safer Payments: It’s time for a better approach.


Preventing fraud across all payment channels

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