What it can do for your business

Clients must frequently perform bulk updates on meta data, security settings or storage structures for larger quantities of stored objects, like documents, folders, custom objects and so on, inside IBM FileNet® Content Manager environments. IBM FileNet UpdateManagerCE performs those tasks with built-in functionality. Optional functionality is available using Java and scripting technologies. The tool also supports IBM FileNet Content Manager administration running on Prem or DBA SaaS offering.


Adapts to business process changes

Standard functionality with flexible configuration options helps adapt your data to changing business processes.

Get started easily

Robust standard functionality makes IBM FileNet UpdateManagerCE easy to install and configure, requiring no additional individual development.

Improves efficiency and productivity

Reduces routine administration and increases departmental efficiency.

Reduce operating costs

Automated tasks relating to manual transformations and updates to properties on stored objects reduces resource demand and cost.

Key features

  • Provides fast and easy bulk object process
  • Uses modular architecture
  • Employs simple script-like format
  • Supports restructuring
  • Exports and deletes objects from backend
  • Supports security changes