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Many enterprises are hindered in making full use of AI, usually due to a lack of trust in the solutions. With industry-leading expertise, our IBM Expert Labs team offers the tools, assets and partnership you need to expedite implementation. Working across all stages of the AI lifecycle, from plan to build, deploy to operate, we help deliver trusted AI solutions at scale and speed.

Evaluate your AI solutions


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Ensure models and outcomes are impartial and avoid bias. Fairness avoids privileged groups having a systemic advantage over others.


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Follow high-integrity data and business compliance guidelines. Privacy assures owners that they retain control of data and insights.


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Provide explanations to understand outcomes and decisions. Users should be able to understand why AI arrived at a conclusion and at which point it would have been different.


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Inspire with trust and transparency for inspection. Transparent results mean that users can increase their understanding of why and how AI was created.


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Handle exceptional conditions effectively and with ease. Robust AI should be able to evaluate and defend itself against a variety of threats.


Three pillars to ensure trustworthy AI success

AI risks: three real-world examples


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Fifty men and fifty women apply for a job. Forty men are selected, but only twenty-five women. The company must understand how the model reached this conclusion and evaluate if it is biased or not.


Bird’s eye view of a neighborhood


A customer is rejected for a loan, while his neighbor is accepted for the exact same loan, and with excellent terms. Can the business provide an explanation to the customer?


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What was fraudulent activity last month, may less likely be fraudulent activity this month. How do we know the ML/DL models are still accurate and don’t provide bad business decisions?



Provide training and enablement

Benefit from IBM’s expertise on trust in AI, including best practices and industry-driven recommendations. Provide training and enablement on all aspects of the AI lifecycle. “Learn through doing” with side-by-side work in planning, building, deploying, and operating trusted AI solutions.

Solution planning for AI

Create an AI action plan

In planning AI solutions, it is critical to translate business needs into specific, actionable requirements to ensure trust in the solution itself, as well as its monitoring and maintenance. Solution planning for AI uses a structured method to establish AI business needs and translate them into precise technical specifications.

AI build

Create trusted AI solutions with an agile approach

At the core of any business’s use of AI is a specific AI solution that must be trusted, usually a machine learning model. An experienced team of data scientists and AI practitioners produces an initial solution with the characteristics needed for trust in just six weeks using agile methodologies.

MLOps validate and deploy

Efficient and reliable AI deployment

Even the best AI model  brings no value to the business until it can be confidently deployed and used.  The key to promoting models from development to test in production is validation — not only of the accuracy, but also of trustworthy characteristics and configuration management, which must be maintained in order to trust what is promoted. MLOps Validate and Deploy establishes pipelines for the full process, regardless of what tools were used to build models.

MLOps monitor and manage

Operating with trust and transparency

Even with the best processes for planning and building a trusted solution, we need special monitoring and processes for machine learning models to be able to use them confidently. MLOps monitor and manage uses IBM Cloud Pak® for Data and OpenScale™ to establish operational monitoring for key elements of trusted AI.

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