We deliver peace of mind

IBM® Essential Management is a managed services offering from IBM Expert Labs that provides access to product experts who manage your IBM software and applications. Our industry-leading team specializes in timely, high quality delivery to ensure your enterprise remains on track for success. When our experts manage your software, you get instant access to top talent and outcomes without the need to worry about execution. 

How it’s used

Access technological expertise

Access technological expertise

IBM Essential Management provides a direct connection to specialists with deep knowledge of IBM software and applications.

Leverage industry best practices

Leverage industry best practices

We bring IBM Expert Labs’ best practices into the day-to-day management of your environment, allowing you to be confident in our proven experience.

Proactively manage capacity

Proactively manage capacity

Our experts help you identify how your planned growth and expansion could impact your available capacity, and we provide guidance on how to ensure satisfactory performance and stability post-deployment.

Stabilize working environments

Stabilize working environments

We keep your team and technology on track to help deliver stability and consistent performance.



Streamline for success

Expert operations

Maintain consistent operations with 24x7 monitoring.

Expert administration

Manage data, deployments, and processes with precision.

Expert advice

Tap into expertise honed from years of practical experience.

Speak with an expert

Have questions? Schedule a free 30-minute consultation.