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Connect the dots between business events to spot new trends, threats, and opportunities.
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Put events to work and respond in real-time

With thousands of events occurring across an organization, the amount of data being produced is also growing exponentially. Imagine if your business could tap into these ongoing streams of information, connect the dots between disparate events and detect new trends, customer issues or competitive threats as they happen.

IBM Event Automation, a fully composable solution, enables businesses to accelerate their event-driven efforts, wherever they are on their journey. The event streams, event endpoint management and event processing capabilities help lay the foundation of an event-driven architecture for unlocking the value of events.

  • Business and IT teams can define business scenarios in an intuitive, easy-to-use authoring canvas in order to act in real-time.
  • IT can provide self-service access to events to facilitate sharing and reuse, while maintaining control and governance.
  • Enterprise architects can build out a complete composable enterprise-wide Kafka-based architecture.
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Benefits Increase responsiveness

React less and respond more proactively. Define key customer opportunities, issues or potential threats within your business and spot whenever they arise. Enable more intelligent actions and trigger automations when it matters most. 

Improve resiliency

Adjust quickly to shifting market dynamics and external factors affecting your business operations. Spot changes in levels of demand, costs or other disruptions and enable your business to recover and optimize in real-time. 

Boost flexibility

Meet your business’s unique needs with a hybrid Kafka deployment. Use IBM Event Automation’s event streams capability, or augment your existing Kafka investments with enhanced discoverability and event processing capabilities.

Accelerate growth

Quickly define business scenarios to detect and see results in real-time. Iterate and adjust as needed with IBM Event Automation's intuitive user experience.


Event Processing Harness the power of Apache Flink to build and instantly test stream processing flows in an intuitive authoring canvas. Filter, aggregate, transform, and join streams of events with assistance and validation at each step. Empower both business and IT users to define business scenarios, detect when they arise and begin acting in real-time.

Event endpoint management Promote the sharing and reuse of your event sources while maintaining control and governance. Easily describe and document your events according to the open source AsyncAPI specification. Build a self-service catalog of event sources for users to browse, utilize and share. Enforce runtime policies to secure and control access to anything that speaks the Kafka protocol with an event gateway.
Event streams Collect and distribute raw streams of real-time business events with enterprise-grade Apache Kafka. Manage your Apache Kafka deployments, balance workloads, browse messages and monitor key metrics in a single, unified experience. Take advantage of the Kafka Connect framework to seamlessly integrate with hundreds of the most common endpoints, like SAP, IBM MQ and more.

Innovating with Open Source Open innovation has rapidly become an engine of revenue growth and business performance. Organizations that embrace open innovation had a 59% higher rate of revenue growth compared to those that don’t. Read more on Apache Kafka and Apache Flink Apache Kafka

IBM Event Automation’s event streams capability is built on enterprise-grade Apache Kafka, an open-source distributed event streaming platform.


IBM Event Automation’s event endpoint management capability makes it easy to describe and document your event-sources according the open source AsyncAPI Specification.

Apache Flink

IBM Event Automation’s event processing capability empowers both technical and business users to harness the power of Apache Flink for stream processing in an intuitive, no-code authoring canvas.

Use cases Transaction data analysis

Gain a real-time view of transactional data flowing across your business. Combine historical analyses with live spending patterns to develop more detailed profiles and quickly spot potential threats and new customer opportunities.

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Inventory optimization

Monitor changes in stock levels across business channels in real-time to automatically trigger the optimal quantity of shipments based on which high-profit or best sellers are running low.

Detect suspicious activity

Evaluate real-time usage and activity patterns within context of historic trends to quickly detect new anomalies  and issue alerts of suspicious trends as soon as they arise.

Customer 360

Deepen understanding of your customers’ behavior, bringing together both in-shop and online activity to generate informed, real-time offers designed to increase spend or prevent churn.

Predictive maintenance

Draw insights from real-time equipment and product data to detect risk factors and quality issues in real time, enabling you to anticipate and address potential malfunction or break down.

Adapt to dynamic pricing

Detect real-time fluctuations in the price of key materials that impact your business’s bottom line. Keep costs low by quickly renegotiating to the best available price and maximize your potential revenue.

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Case studies

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