Securely capture ESG data from third parties for value chain analysis

Value chain analysis gives your organization a better understanding of your business processes and helps align your business activities and value chain model for competitive advantage. However, capturing ESG data from stakeholders for value chain analysis and ESG reporting can be time consuming and error-prone, with numerous email chains, files, spreadsheets and reports sent to you for analysis from your value chain stakeholders. 

IBM Envizi: Value Chain Surveys + Assessments, an interactive value chain analysis software, simplifies this process by providing a simple interface for interacting with third parties and capturing ESG data seamlessly. This digital portal allows stakeholders to input qualitative and quantitative ESG performance data against your customized survey templates. It further streamlines the value chain analysis process by eliminating the need for manual data consolidation through email, helping save time and effort. 

Value Chain Surveys + Assessments from IBM Envizi

Value Chain Surveys + Assessments from IBM Envizi (02:52)


Scope 3 reporting

Allow value chain stakeholders to submit ESG data directly into the portal, so you can integrate this data into your Scope 3 GHG inventory for reporting.

Single portal

Eliminate multiple spreadsheets and email trails by consolidating responses from stakeholders in a single portal, saving time and effort.

Streamline data collection

Reduce the risk of data loss and security breach by consolidating value chain data into a single system of record.

Increased visibility

Identify where the ESG performance risks are in your organization’s value chain and make decisions to inform your ESG strategy.


More features

Custom survey

Create your own survey based on the ESG metrics you want to track. This can be easily completed by stakeholders and responses are automatically consolidated for value chain analysis.

Visualized risk assessment

Use the ESG risk assessment tool to visualize stakeholder data for value chain analysis, identify compliance risks and compare scores against your ESG targets.

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