Rein in utility billing data

Harnessing electricity, gas and water billing data to support decarbonization goals has its challenges. Manual data capture processes are inefficient and error-prone. There’s no easy way to identify cost and consumption outliers and variances. Plus, normalizing energy intensities for benchmarking is very time-consuming for organizations with large portfolios of energy-intensive facilities.

IBM Envizi: Utility Bill Analytics software saves you time by consolidating your utility billing data, automating conversions and calculations and normalizing energy performance for weather and KPI metrics. Not only does it eliminate the need for complex spreadsheets, it also helps inform smarter energy efficiency decisions across your portfolio.

Utility Bill Analytics from IBM Envizi

Utility Bill Analytics from IBM Envizi (03:45)


Save time

Automatically capture all your utility billing data in a single, integrated record with powerful ELT (extract, load and transform) capabilities.

Reduce costs

Analyze utility cost and consumption data for outliers and unusual variations over time, and take action to minimize waste.

Improve efficiencies

Benchmark energy intensities across your portfolio so you can identify and prioritize energy savings opportunities.

Drive accountability

Calculate savings achieved over time by comparing actual consumption against historical baselines adjusted for weather.

Streamline reporting

With calculations and conversions handled by Envizi, easily report on cost, consumption and emissions in a consistent way across multiple countries and regions.


More features

Integrated regression modeler

Envizi’s built-in regression modeling tool normalizes energy performance for weather and KPI metrics so you can measure and verify savings over time.

Advanced filtering

Apply filters to take a closer look across the organization and pinpoint which groups are contributing most to your utility consumption, cost and emissions.

Flexible data visualizations

Leverage Microsoft Power BI-embedded Envizi PowerReports to make interpreting and communicating performance a highly intuitive, user-friendly experience.

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