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Insights for every step of your decarbonization journey

Consider a familiar challenge: You need actual utility consumption data to support decarbonization decisions. But the administrative effort of tracking data from utility bills, interval meters and renewable energy assets can be cumbersome making it difficult to pinpoint emission reduction opportunities.

IBM Envizi’s decarbonization software platform can help automate and simplify the management, analysis and reporting of energy and emissions data. So you can gain timely visibility over consumption of energy and other utilities to make informed decisions about resource usage and allocation.

This is why organizations like the Downer Group use IBM Envizi to keep their decarbonization goals on track.

What's possible to achieve? Request live demo Automate utility and energy data capture

Designed to reduce the administrative effort of monitoring multiple platforms with automated data capture into a single system.

Monitor usage patterns to spot anomalies

Gain visibility of energy and water usage patterns, from monthly aggregates at the portfolio level, right down to interval data for meters and sub-meters within individual facilities.

Manage your KPIs

Measure and track energy usage performance over time against pre-determined benchmarks or KPIs.

With Envizi dashboards it takes me just a few minutes to get insights into the performance of any building asset, so I can have data-backed discussions with the site teams. Sustainability Advisor Growthpoint Properties
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