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Automatically capture and analyze interval meter data to inform and accelerate energy efficiency initiatives across facilities
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Drive energy efficiency across facilities

IBM® Envizi™: Interval Meter Analytics consolidates interval meter data from utility meter providers and sub-metering systems to simplify the monitoring of utility demand and consumption data at a granular level.

With powerful data analytics, benchmarking and workflow tools, it provides a contextualized view of interval meter data with other facility attributes to:

  • Calculate weather-normalized utility intensities
  • Pinpoint inefficient facilities
  • Highlight facilities with the highest cost and energy savings potential.

And with features such as virtual meters to combine or split interval data so virtual loads can be represented, and automated capture of interval data, you can start spending more time on action and less on admin.


Module features
Utility performance management Drill down from portfolio-wide views to individual groups, locations or meters and report on a range of utility performance metrics including consumption, demand, emissions and relative energy and water intensity.

Data modeling Perform regression analysis to normalize energy performance for weather and KPI metrics, so you can measure and track savings against baseline periods over time.

Visualization and reporting View your meter data through integrated dashboards and extract reports, allowing you to analyze utility demand and consumption at varying levels of granularity.

Meter-based alerts Use day-of-week and weather-correction data models to generate alerts when demand or consumption varies from expected values. Triage, prioritize and assign issues for investigation and remediation.
Benefits Automate data capture

Automatically capture high volume, high frequency interval meter data from utility meter providers and sub-metering systems.

Identify savings opportunities

Compare weather-normalized energy and water intensities across facilities to identify and prioritize outliers that should be targeted.

Minimize energy waste

Track meter-based anomalies regarding energy usage and automatically notify the right people when alert conditions are breached.

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