Drive energy efficiency across facilities with interval meter analytics

Driving energy efficiency across a large portfolio of energy-intensive facilities requires the capture and analysis of multiple granular data sets to help organizations understand their energy usage patterns and change behaviors to meet their decarbonization goals faster.

IBM Envizi: Interval Meter Analytics consolidates interval meter data from utility meter providers and sub-metering systems to simplify and standardize the monitoring of utility demand and consumption data at a granular level. With powerful data analytics, benchmarking and workflow tools, it provides a contextualized view of interval meter data with other facility attributes to calculate weather-normalized utility intensities, pinpoint inefficient facilities and highlight those with the highest cost and energy savings potential.


Assign tasks easily

Leverage integrated workflow tools to support the assignment, tracking and management of utility-related issues.

Increase operational transparency

Report on water and energy consumption across your portfolio to inform where to target your biggest consumption, cost and emissions-reduction efforts.

Identify savings opportunities

Compare weather-normalized energy and water intensities across facilities to identify and prioritize outliers that should be targeted for efficiency improvements.

Minimize energy waste

Raise and track meter-based anomalies regarding energy usage and automatically notify the right people when alert conditions are breached to minimize energy waste.

Automate data capture

Automatically capture high volume, high frequency interval meter data from utility meter providers and sub-metering systems, with in-built data validation to give you reliable metering data.


More features

Virtual meters

Create virtual meters to combine or split interval data so virtual loads can be represented, such as aggregating total HVAC load from several HVAC related sub-meters.

Automated data capture

Automate the capture of interval data through a variety of standard meter data connectors and contextualize it with other data sources, including weather and facility information.

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