Simplify data collection and reporting across your property portfolio

Without a systematic process for collecting, tracking and reporting on diverse data sources and formats of building and utility metrics, organizations with large, complex property portfolios struggle to meet their sustainability targets.

IBM Envizi: Building Ratings + Benchmarks reporting software allows you to capture, analyze and track building footprint metrics across your entire property portfolio. It also features dedicated API connectors and algorithms, so you can report directly into the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) and ENERGY STAR® frameworks and get indicative ratings from National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS).


Streamline data collection

Capture building performance data systematically throughout the year and store it in a centralized location to support your building and portfolio ratings.

Save time and effort

Reporting tools allow you to send data directly to individual frameworks without needing to manipulate data in spreadsheets outside of the Envizi platform.

Increase ratings potential

Track indicative building ratings performance against targets on a monthly basis to provide actionable insights for making improvements that bolster ratings.

Reduce costs and risks

Reduce accreditation costs and compliance risks by storing and reporting utility consumption and building attribute data in a central location.


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