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Actionable forecast insights can help organizations react to extreme weather events before they threaten business operations
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Graphic illustration representing IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite climate and weather risk management use case
Turn weather risk into competitive advantage

Severe weather is increasing across the globe and has a growing negative impact on business. But when an organization can anticipate weather threats before they happen, they gain an edge over competitors. By predicting and planning for cold fronts, wildfires, tornadoes, severe storms and other high-risk weather conditions, a business can put weather insights to work and turn risk into profit.

The IBM® Environmental Intelligence Suite combines weather, geospatial and industry-specific data into an all-in-one solution that empowers businesses to harness predictive analytics and maximize revenue generation, instead of just protecting themselves from loss.

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Climate Risk Adaptation Guide

Learn how to reduce the future environmental impact of climate change and actively adapt to the challenges it presents today.

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Build real-time weather alerts

Learn how you can prepare for extreme weather with data and AI

What you can do
Predict and respond to weather-caused power outages

Weather forecast data helps organizations proactively plan for severe weather threats, reduce power outages and improve restoration times.

Implement flood, tornado and wildfire surveillance

Geospatial data and analysis tools allow businesses to map wildfires, track tornadoes and monitor other severe weather events that could disrupt logistics or supply chains.

Read about weather-driven impact on demand and supply chain

Incorporate big data into operational plans

Customizable and automated weather alerts enable any operation to avoid weather-related incidents and prevent unnecessary downtime caused by reacting prematurely.

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Demo Accurately assess weather impact Meet your company’s sustainability goals and avoid costly outages by accurately assessing the impact of severe weather and climate change. See exactly what service areas are most at risk with lead times up to 72 hours in advance. Start your 30-day free trial
Case studies Texas A&M AgriLife  

IBM and Texas A&M AgriLife are working together to help farmers receive insights for water usage, which can increase crop yield and decrease economic and environmental costs. 

Plan21 Foundation 

Plan21 Foundation and IBM improve global food security by helping smallholder farmers in Latin America manage crops more sustainably and productively.


Shell and IBM determined that one of the best paths forward is building a digital platform, OREN, to enable decarbonization through operational excellence, safety, and sustainability in mining.


Aeromexico and IBM are putting passenger safety at the forefront with informed climate risk analysis using geospatial data for the more than 100 routes in Mexico and worldwide.

Related use cases Sustainability

Bring together proprietary and third-party geospatial and weather data, analytics, and dashboard visualizations to help you put sustainability goals into action.

Monitoring for weather disruption and safety

Make safety and operations decisions based on hyperlocal real-time weather information from The Weather Company®.

Vegetation management

Make better data-driven decisions about how and when to maintain resources that are threatened by vegetative growth.

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