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The IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite provides timely and fact-based actionable intelligence to proactively manage the economic impact of severe weather and climate-change events, built on the most accurate weather data in the world.

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*Prices shown exclude any applicable taxes                                                                    Essentials Starting at USD 500 per month Most popular
  • Data scientists and developers can augment operations with accurate weather data

  • Any business operations can benefit with accurate and AI-augmented weather forecasts 

Standard Starting at USD 5,000 per month
  • Monitor critical job sites and areas
  • Visualize and stay alerted with dashboards, interactive maps and real-time alerts 
  • Powered by AI generated current and forecasted weather conditions


Premium Starting at USD 8,750 per month
  • Acceleration climate adaptation and climate risk management

  • Bring your own data and weather / climate models 

  • Configure climate risk management solutions with dashboards, alerts and actionable workflows

Key Features

Assess how extreme weather events will impact operations—to predict and plan for unforeseen disruptions.

Minimize disruption and mitigate risks Real-time weather insights and alerts Communicate near-real-time weather forecasting and support the stakeholders who maintain, prepare for, and respond to disruptions. Explore the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite

Monitoring and alerts Customizable and automated weather alerts Alerts console can automatically send messages to registered users to notify them about specific conditions and disruptive events at defined locations such as severe weather, wildfires and flooding. Explore the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite

Respond quickly and appropriately Monitoring of current and future weather conditions Within seconds, open a configurable, visual dashboard that brings together a wide range of weather and climate decision-support tools, maps and asset data to show the impact that weather conditions have across various job sites. Explore the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite

Industries If you enjoyed the the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite trial, unlock the full experience to discover numerous tools and add-ons that can change how you do business. Energy and Utilities
  • Track planned versus actual energy output based on advanced weather models
  • Smart, proactive maintenance scheduling informed by historic weather records and near-real-time conditions
  • Condition-based vegetation management based on customized scoring metrics
  • Forecast market demand with  sophisticated AI modeling, enabling strategic resource planning
  • Develop agribusiness applications to create customized solutions for planting, feeding, spraying and irrigation scheduling
  • Predict supply chain with accurate forecasts of market supply
  • Monitor and manage flight progress in a unified view with configurable alerting, to streamline dispatcher workflows 
  • Avoid weather hazards en route with weather hazard and airspace  alerting
  • Plan ahead and improve response times with a 7-day risk outlook track current and future weather conditions

Industry Features

Industry feature Optimize your energy resources Using data and advanced analytics to help power companies to plan generation and maintenance schedules more effectively and efficiently. The IBM Vegetation Management solution helps utilities maintain and repair the power lines before outages occur.

Industry feature Make your smart farm smarter The IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite offers farmers and food producers near-real-time weather data sets and agriculture forecasting models powered by machine learning—powerful tools that help the agricultural sector plan for crop production, land utilization, supply chain and market demand.

Industry feature Stay alert and in the air The IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite helps airlines improve operations with on-ground, pre-flight and enroute weather data, tracking and decision support. Inform flight planning, increase operational efficiency and improve passenger safety.

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