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Thank you for joining the waitlist for the preview version of the Environmental Intelligence Suite base geospatial foundation model. An IBM expert will contact you shortly with more information about the release.  

What to expect next

The preview version of the base geospatial foundation model will be available in the second half of this year.  You will receive an email with next steps to access the preview experience.


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Key features

A preview version of the base geospatial foundation model and a suite of fine-tuned models, all running on, will be available through IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite. This release will be invaluable for data scientists, developers, researchers, and students. 


Sample solutions

Sample solutions that apply models, create triggers, and leverage work queues to drive a downstream operational system

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Including APIs to inference fine-tuned models to drive developer engagement. 

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More to explore

Explore reports, case studies, product documentation and other resources to learn more about the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite. Proactively plan and manage the economic impact of severe weather and climate change events; built on the world’s most accurate weather data.

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Read an overview of IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite features, benefits and solutions. (604 KB)

Learn about geospatial data

Geospatial data can provide insights into relationships between variables and reveal patterns and trends

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