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IBM Sustainability Community

Connect with peers, experts and professionals to fast-track your sustainability journey.

IBM ESG Data and Environmental Intelligence Community

Connect with peers, experts and professionals to fast-track your engagement with the Environmental Intelligence Community.

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Product demo Meet your company’s sustainability goals and avoid costly outages by accurately assessing the impact of severe weather and climate change. See exactly what service areas are most at risk with lead times up to 72 hours in advance.

Product demo With its monitoring capabilities, the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite delivers real time alerting, helps your teams accurately monitor key points of interest and keeps them safe when deployed.

Product demo IBM vegetation management leverages artificial intelligence, satellite imaging and LiDAR data, including geiger-mode data and Linear LiDAR to assess and monitor vegetation and improve work prioritization.

Product demo Influences of climate change and rapidly growing capacity have made forecasting for renewable generation challenging in many places across the globe. See how IBM's renewables forecasting platform generates high-accuracy energy production forecast for wind and solar farms by using advanced analytics, loT sensors and best-in-class weather data.

Learn What are weather models?

Weather models are computer simulations of the atmosphere for weather research and forecasting

What is LiDAR?

LiDAR—“light detection and ranging”—uses laser light to measure distance and make highly accurate 3D maps and models

What is geospatial data?

Geospatial data is time-based data that is related to a specific location on the Earth’s surface. It can provide insights into relationships between variables and reveal patterns and trends

Blog posts 5 ways to manage climate risk to drive sustainability

In a year defined primarily by the global pandemic, 2020 was also marred by more weather and climate disasters than ever before.

Data is key to intelligent asset management

To get ahead in a rapidly shifting environment, businesses are moving from time-based to predictive maintenance, monitoring and management.

Geospatial data: The really big picture

Socioeconomic challenges and record-setting weather events are reminders that our health, our global economy and the environment are inextricably linked.

The benefits of sustainable agriculture and how we get there

There is a concentrated effort to modernize the agriculture industry, and data-driven weather intelligence is the key to sustainability.

How to create more sustainable operations—one asset at a time

Sustainability is certainly not a new concept, but it is a critical imperative for today’s business operations.

Harnessing the power of data and AI to operationalize sustainability

Supply chain and asset management hold some of the most significant opportunities for environmental improvement and innovation.

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Briefs IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite: Vegetation Management

Vegetation management decisions are improved by powerful weather, satellite and IoT data combined with intelligent prioritization and reporting.

IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite for Insurance

The Environmental Intelligence Suite for insurance offers new ways to drive engagement, loyalty and retention of the company’s policyholders when faced with severe weather.

IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite for Retail

Weather data allows retailers to forecast changing demand and modify their inventories and staffing, becoming more resilient to uncertainty.

IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite for Outage Prediction

Accurate, reliable weather data helps utility companies know when—and when not—to mobilize during storms and possible outages.

IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite for Ground Transportation

Weather data empowers dispatch and drivers to make in-the-moment decisions that help keep ground transportation businesses moving.

IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite for Energy & Utilities

Companies that can successfully adapt to evolving dynamics are more likely to thrive in the changing energy landscape. Predict energy demand and plan for vegetation growth near power lines.

Forecast potential tree-related outages in your territory

Environmental Intelligence Suite: Vegetation Management helps you gain enhanced visibility into the trees in your service territory.

Reports The Increasing Need for Environmental Intelligence Solutions

This recent IDC InfoBrief examines how technology can process data from various sources, curate it and translate it into usable formats.

Verdantix names IBM a leader in enterprise carbon management

The Verdantix "Green Quadrant: Enterprise Carbon Management Software 2022" report offers a breakdown of the state of the carbon-management software market.

Adapt To Climate Change Or Face Extinction

This Forrester report can help you navigate the evolving risks and opportunities of climate change, while learning from those with the most at stake.

The CIO and sustainability strategy and initiatives

In this Gartner report, learn how CIOs are engaging with strategic IT partners to understand how they can contribute to the enterprise’s sustainability goals.

Global and Regional Weather Forecast Accuracy Overview

In its latest comprehensive report of forecast accuracy, ForecastWatch named IBM's The Weather Company the "the overall most accurate provider globally."

Research IBM and NASA team up to spur new discoveries about our planet

The goal is tunable, reusable models that make it easier to mine vast data sets for knowledge that helps us adapt to a changing environment.

Climate change is here. How can AI help us adapt?

Crippling heat waves, devastating floods and uncontrollable wildfires—the repercussions of climate change have arrived.

Addressing climate risks in Africa with AI and hybrid cloud

IBM and ARC are partnering to improve climate risk modeling on the African continent as the threat of climate change continues to advance.

Case studies Mercados EMI

Mercados EMI uses IBM weather data to help India predict electricity demand and reduce power outages.

Texas A&M AgriLife  

IBM and Texas A&M AgriLife are working together to help farmers receive insights for water usage, which can increase crop yield and decrease economic and environmental costs. 

Plan21 Foundation 

Plan21 and IBM improve global food security by helping smallholder farmers in Latin America manage crops more sustainably and productively. 


Shell and IBM determined that building digital platform, OREN, to enable decarbonization through operational excellence, safety and sustainability in mining was one of the best paths forward.

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