Enhance customer experience

Proactively inform your customers of potential storm outages and the estimated response time based on outage predictions.

Reduce restoration times

Prepare and respond to power outages more effectively and restore services faster by getting crews to the right location sooner.

Increase operational efficiency

Accurately predict the level of resources needed prior to a storm to optimize mobilizations and maximize restoration resources.

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Keep customers out of the dark

The connection between weather and power outages has been a problem for utilities. Learn how to plan days ahead of a storm.

Enhance outage prediction and prevention with AI

See how data-driven, AI-augmented insights help utilities minimize risks to people, assets and the bottom line.

Improving utility resilience

Zypreme Research asked 170 industry professionals for insights into digital strategies and utility management.

Case studies

Utilities: Énergie NB Power

Énergie NB Power is using Outage Prediction to give operations teams a head-start responding to extreme weather.

Utilities: Hydro One

Hydro One is cutting restoration time after power outages in half with Outage Prediction.

Energy: Omega Energy

Omega Energy is using advanced weather data and AI insights to improve renewables forecasting in Brazil.