Building the future on sustainable business models

Environmental sustainability is at the forefront of the collective conscience. Purpose-driven sustainability initiatives that include reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving energy efficiency with renewable energy sources can all have a positive impact on your core business strategy.

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Windmills between fields


Energy, environment and utilities

Emerging technologies help businesses understand how the environment affects operations, assets and customers and accelerate sustainability programs.

Travel and transportation

The aviation industry uses advanced analytics and intelligent workflows to reduce their carbon footprint and predict how weather events will impact operations.

Public sector

Environmental reporting and investments in green recovery efforts help mitigate the effects of climate change, to protect and restore natural resources and increase biodiversity.

Consumer packaged goods and retail

CPGs and retailers use predictive analytics to drive new revenue channels, improve customer satisfaction and increase the resiliency of their supply chains worldwide.

Financial services

Today’s banks and insurers are using data and analytics to discover innovative ways to support sustainable investing, manage risk, reduce claims and prevent fraud.

Industrial products

Solutions and services to support energy management, supply chain and intelligent operations that help companies meet their sustainability goals.