What geospatial analysis tools can do for your business

Formerly IBM® PAIRS Geoscope, the IBM GIS mapping software solution eliminates cumbersome processes and is designed for massive GIS data query and analytics services. GIS tools improve data management and functionality, providing geocoding, visualization and mapping tools in easy-to-use formats. Having access to a rich, diverse and growing catalog of continually updated web mapping, algorithms and geospatial-temporal information helps teams better coordinate systems and improve efficiency.

EIS: Geospatial Analytics

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Valuable insights

Industry use cases

Examples of thematic queries

Data service

“Give me weather data and the elevation for all airports in Southeast Asia.”

Search service

“Show all areas in Iowa which have, during the month of June, a NDVI greater than 0.8 and have received less than 20mm of precipitation.”

Analytics platform service

“Calculate irrigation forecasts for all vineyards in California.”