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Manage future climate risks with precise, data-driven insights and analytics
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Hybrid UX EIS climate risk insights
Enhance your company’s resilience with climate analytics

The IBM® Environmental Intelligence Suite provides actionable analytics with Climate Risk Insights using data and AI for risk management and decision-making. 

Climate risks pose significant threats to corporate assets and regulatory compliance. The IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite assists businesses in addressing these challenges by offering precise climate risk analytics. It aids in the identification and mitigation of potential hazards, supporting continuity and security. 

The suite uses AI and big data to provide deep insights into climate risks, with capabilities including hazard analysis, geographical risk trends, and scenario modeling. These capabilities help businesses protect assets and meet regulatory requirements, promoting sustainability and resilience.

Managing climate risk and severe weather impacts over organizations

How IBM’s Climate Analytics data can help your company operationalize future hazard risk data and enhance decision making

What you can do
Analyze climate risk scenarios

Maximize asset protection using scenario analysis with maximum value at risk (MVaR). Assess vulnerability across timelines and hazards using IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite AI to gain future climate impact insights and safeguard assets.

Break down hazard risks

Obtain strategic insights with detailed analysis of 10 different hazards. The suite’s analytics enable precise risk management and prioritization, enhancing decision-making and operational security.

Explore geographical risk trends

Make informed investment decisions with IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite. Use regional risk data to identify and respond to area-specific risk trends and hazard prevalence, enhancing decision-making with regional insights.

Evaluate risk severity levels

Categorize risks for more effective asset management. The suite groups assets by severity, which helps to clarify potential impacts and aids in strategic planning and risk mitigation.

Prepare future-proof strategies

Prepare for future risks with the advanced features offered by IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite. Use reporting and geographic information system capabilities to enable strategic resilience and compliance management that helps you stay ahead of these risks.

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