Streamline, automate and operationalize carbon accounting

With the increasing pressure from governments, investors and consumers alike, organizations are taking the initiative to account for and report greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The Carbon Accounting APIs within the Carbon Performance Engine are a collection of six endpoints that include: stationary, fugitive and mobile emissions, location-based and market-based emissions, and transport and distribution emissions, in accordance with the GHG Protocol. These can be used against a structured data set to return Scope 1, 2 and 3 emission outputs.


Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

Get built-in, AI-driven augmentation capabilities with anomaly detection and natural language processing for handling data.

Accelerated digital transformation

Accelerate the transformation of your emission data to carbon equivalents by automating your data conversion using these APIs.

Professionally managed reference data

Access a simple process for updating reference data so that the APIs can automatically update the data points for our customers.

Explore the available carbon accounting APIs

Stationary emissions API

Use: Calculating emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels for comfort heating or other industrial applications.

Fugitive emissions API (refrigerant)

Use: Calculating leaks from greenhouse gases (for example, refrigeration and air conditioning units)

Mobile emissions

Use: Calculating emissions from fleet fuel consumption.

Location-based emissions

Use: Reflecting the average emissions intensity of certain grids (for example, grids where energy consumption occurs and does not require an emission factor input.

Market-based emissions

Use: Reflecting emissions from electricity that companies have purposefully chosen. Can also be used to factor in renewable credits.

Transport and Distribution

Use: Supporting upstream transportation and distribution of products purchased by the reporting company, business travel objectives and employee commuting.


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