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Manage electronic and physical records consistently and securely
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Transform your records management IBM® Enterprise Records provides content, processes and connectivity to help maintain a record of compliance for electronic and physical records. This solution enables you to streamline records-based activities and help enforce compliance with retention policies. With IBM, you can manage records according to fiscal, legal and regulatory requirements.
Benefits Reduce errors and ensure compliance

Automate the records management lifecycle process, helping to ensure best practices and reduce user-related errors.

Keep data secure

Enable prescriptive lifecycle records management while leaving content in original IBM and third-party repositories. This reduces the risk of unauthorized changes to native content.

Available on cloud

Access all software and management services through a monthly subscription. This includes the same capabilities as the on-prem solution, while reducing the need for skilled staff.

IBM Enterprise Records key features Support for regulatory compliance

Enterprise Records features IBM ZeroClick technology, which automates the enforcement of records management policies at the technology layer.

Efficient federation capabilities

Enterprise Records provides prescriptive lifecycle records management without moving content. This reduces the risk of unauthorized changes.

Automated records capture

Enterprise Records automates records management tasks to help you enforce compliance, reduce cycle time and minimize errors.

Records lifecycle management

Enterprise Records captures records from users and department systems, and helps ensure they are accurately declared, classified and authenticated.

Retention and disposition

Enterprise Records reduces the manual steps needed to review vital factors, initiate retention, manage disposition review and approvals, and create file plan folders.

Supports content management on cloud

Enterprise Records can be deployed on cloud, allowing superior scalability, security, stability and mobility across a variety of use cases.

Keep your records trusted and compliant IBM Enterprise Records provides content, processes and connectivity to maintain and provide compliance records, regardless of user participation. It is also available as managed service on cloud and for a containerized deployment in a private or public cloud.
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