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Simplify key management

IBM Enterprise Key Management Foundation – Web Edition (EKMF Web) provides efficient and security-rich centralized key management for IBM z/OS data set encryption on IBM Z servers and public cloud key management systems. It also supports zKey on Linux on Z and in public clouds. 

IBM z/OS data set encryption helps make encryption easier by decoupling it from data classification, enabling you to encrypt data automatically, independent of labor-intensive data classification work. By encrypting data immediately and efficiently at the time it is written, you reduce the risks associated with misclassified or undiscovered sensitive data, gain greater protection of your digital asset, and achieve application-transparent encryption.


Key Administration

Securely create, revoke, rotate, and back up keys for z/OS data set encryption across your enterprise.

Pervasive Encryption Dashboard

See which data sets are encrypted, know which keys are in use, and proactively manage your data set encryption deployment.

Multi-Cloud Management

Securely prepare and Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) to IBM Cloud Key Protect, AWS KMS, and Microsoft Azure Vault.

Advanced Auditability

Provide auditors with consolidated key management logs for all keys managed.

IBM Enterprise Key Management Foundation – Web Edition key features

  • A central repository for keys
  • Security-rich key generation
  • Dual control
  • Data set dashboard
  • Enhanced workflow
  • Role-based access control
  • Audit logging
  • Cloud connectivity
  • External RESTful API