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IBM ELO – Integration Adapters for Windchill

Integration Adapters for Windchill integrates PTC Windchill PDMLink and IBM Engineering Workflow Management software to allow users of both software products to perform fundamental change management functions in either tool. Integration Adapters for Windchill also coordinates change management functions across both the application lifecycle management (ALM) and the product lifecycle management (PLM) systems. These adapters allow engineers better collaboration – promoting a faster, more efficient delivery schedule and higher product quality.


Get more from lifecycle tools

Extend the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) solution with integrations to many third-party tools – enabling you to practice ELM in a diverse lifecycle tools environment.

Increase capabilities

Link a Windchill change request to a Workflow Management work item using Windchill PDMLink. Link a Workflow Management work item to a Windchill change using Workflow Management software.

Stay connected

Keep in touch with others who operate in cross-functional areas, while remaining in the context of the tool that you are currently using for your job functions.